Dr Cathleen Mann 1956-2020

Remembrance of a remarkable life and person: DR CATHLEEN MANN
By Debra Van Neste

Dr Cathleen Mann’s passing on November 21, 2020, was more than a loss to her loved ones, it was a loss to the anti-cult community as a whole. She was monolithic. She is survived by her mother and three brothers. She had suffered from her health issues for six years before succumbing to the progression of end-stage renal disease at the age of 64. She was loved by many. Cathleen Mann, PhD, was a qualified expert witness in 15 states. She had an independent practice in Lakewood, Colorado, where she consulted on hundreds of cases involving cults, undue influence, psychological influences, and related areas. Dr Mann had extensive experience with the expert qualification process. She held a PhD in psychology and a Colorado counselling license since 1994.

Dr Mann was an enigmatic individual with a sharp scientific-analytical mind and a very outspoken personality. She educated lawyers about cults and undue influence and often won cases against cult leaders.

For the last six years of her life, she helped and was behind the scenes with Thinking Agenda LLC, an organization founded by Dr Mann and I, to educate on cults and undue influence. She agreed to be our expert in cults and our educator. She continued to work on cases, speak and lecture until she passed. The MIND model of cults was the last thing we worked on. It is a model that we created for public education. Thinking Agenda launched the MIND model before the pandemic in January and in March of 2020. The series was intended to develop presentations for schools, churches or any groups. Dr Mann left behind a large repository of her work to Thinking Agenda for educational purposes and for us to continue our work.

Though Dr Mann’s passing is devastating to many of her friends and colleagues, her education and ethics will continue to serve as the foundation of Thinking Agenda. Dr Mann will be remembered with love, honour and respect for generations to come as her mind model flourishes and sprouts the seeds of education, hope and self-awareness. We were all honoured to have worked with her and we will continue, she will always remain our cult expert and loved by all of us at Thinking Agenda. 

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Debra Van Neste
Thinking Agenda


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