Debra Van Neste

Cult Expert and Consultant, CFO

When first introduced six years ago to Dr Mann, who was a judicially qualified cult expert, little did I realize how working with her would change my entire life. She became a close friend and mentor. The six years I knew her was an amazing education. When Dr Mann passed away on November 21, 2020, it was a tragedy and blow to the anti-cult community, as well as to all who loved her. She raised the bar on what it is to be an expert, and she brought down many cults and saved children.

CultExpert.Net was formerly the business site of Dr Cathleen Mann. I created it but we both designed the site. I was her social media director then she asked me to be her public relations person, and I dealt with attorneys contacting her through an 800 number we shared. I then earned my way to be her personal assistant, as she mentored and taught me the process to be an expert. She asked me not to sell her domain name when she passed away. Instead, she wanted us to continue as consultants, researchers, investigators and experts. Dr Mann gifted me with her accounts and libraries containing her life’s work, and in doing so we can meet expectations to expand and continue to grow. Most importantly, to serve with the ethics and education that defined her life, and defines our company at Thinking Agenda. I have been in healthcare for 23 years, and now studying to be a Paralegal, so I can assist our own company. I am working on a workbook based on the MIND model of cults and undue influence and will continue with live presentations, free of charge in Central Florida. I could never replace Dr Mann, but I will continue the work, knowing she wanted us to continue and to keep learning, growing and collaborating with ethical people.

Please contact us through the form on our website as our first consultation is free. We have already been on cult cases as experts.