Steven Van Neste

Steven Van Neste accepted the role of Director of Thinking Agenda, LLC and assists as an expert and researcher in cult-related cases. He is currently working on two books one on the history of cults and a separate book on the MIND model of cults.

Steven Van Neste is a Belgian born researcher whose initial field of interest was philosophy, but over the years has moved almost exclusively into psychology, neuroscience, and cults. He is very interested in the dynamics between self and other, as well as the intersection of self and society. Central to his approach is the overvaluation of consciousness paired with an undervaluation of the unconscious, which he sees as one of the main reasons for mental distress, as well as playing a large factor in interpersonal issues and why we fall prey to cults and undue influence. Unlike some more popular cult figures, Steven Van Neste finds that what needs to be focused upon is keeping it REAL through research, education, awareness and logic, and by keeping it all grounded in an overall psychological understanding. His approach is rooted in viewing the mind as something biological. His other great field of interest is sleep and dreams. Aside from his research, he is also an artist (mainly in the abstract expressionist tradition), as well as being an avid long-distance runner.