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The late Benjamin Zablocki talks about cults and mind control

An interview with Benjamin Zablocki By Steven Van Neste Excerpt from “Ethics and the Modern Guru” a publication on cults. Benjamin Zablocki is a sociologist whose main field of interest is religion, cults and the functions of brainwashing and charisma. The following ‘interview’ was done as a written questionnaire, and to respect the wishes of…

Therapeutic groups versus 12-step groups: An analysis of the AA prototype

By Cathleen A. Mann, PhDAbstract: 12 step groups, especially in the form of Alcoholic Anonymous groups, have a rich history as evangelical, Christian-based groups, which operate under the guise of “treatment” for persons with substance abuse problems. However, research suggests that AA operates in a cult-like fashion and does not consider the individual differences of the…

Ethical concerns raised in Steven Hassan’s book on cults

By Cathleen A. Mann, PhD Reprinted with Permission Introduction Steven Hassan’s latest book, Freedom of Mind: Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling People, Cults, and Beliefs, is the latest in what can be seen as a trilogy of sorts, starting with Combatting Mind Control in 1988 and then Releasing the Bonds in 2000. A large portion…

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